02.07.2014 - UNESCO Office in Hanoi

UNESCO Representative recognized for work on Peace and Friendship among Nations

Ha Noi, 18 June 2014 - The recognition medal for works to promote peace, solidarity and friendship among individuals, organizations, and nations was awarded to UNESCO Representative in Viet Nam, Dr. Katherine Muller-Marin, in an intimate ceremony in the headquarters of the Viet Nam Union of Friendships Organizations (VUFO).

For the past five years, UNESCO and VUFO have been working to foster scientific and cultural cooperation to generate interaction between Viet Nam and many other nations through cultural diplomacy. VUFO and UNESCO share the common vision to support Viet Nam on the pathway towards development through the expanded partnership between the people of Viet Nam and those from other countries.

The president of VUFO, Mr. Vu Xuan Hong, recognized the value of UNESCO’s work and the significance of safeguarding natural and cultural heritage by recalling the beauty and importance of Viet Nam’s World Heritage Sites, Biosphere Reserves, and Intangible Cultural Heritage, which are all targets of UNESCO’s assistance.

When receiving the distinction, Dr. Muller-Marin noted that the recognition is shared with the UNESCO Viet Nam team and represents an invitation to continue working towards the never-ending task of promoting friendship in the hearts and minds of every person in Viet Nam and promoting Viet Nam’s wonders and experience with other countries.


For more information, please contact Thang Vu Chien, Assistant to the UNESCO Representative at: vc.thang@unesco.org

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