10.03.2010 -

UNESCO response to the earthquake in Chile

A street in Santiago, Chile  after the 8.8 magnitude earthquake.

National flag of Chile

UNESCO is supporting the emergency reactivation of schooling following the massive earthquake which hit central Chile on February 27.

The 8.8 earthquake, the largest to hit the country in 50 years, killed around 500 people. UNESCO’s staff in the Santiago field office are in the midst of assessing damage to the education system and it is already clear that several schools have been  affected in the areas of Penco, Tome and Coronel.  Scores of teachers and students have been affected and are in need of psychosocial support to deal with the trauma of the earthquake. 

UNESCO activated its five-person Emergency Task Force in the Santiago Office immediately after the quake.  The Organization has been in close contact with the Ministry of Education and is providing support for the emergency reactivation of schooling in the affected areas of Penco, Tome and Coronel.   

UNESCO staff are also participating in needs assessments of the education system and a rapid survey of affected coastal areas. 

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