11.01.2021 - UNESCO

UNESCO restaurant services at Headquarters

We wish to inform you that as of 1 January 2021, UNESCO restaurant services at Headquarters have a new  service provider.

The company that is taking over from Sodexo, following an international call for tenders, is SERENEST.

The new restaurant services offer by SERENEST will be implemented gradually from 11 January 2021, adapted to the evolving needs (following covid restrictions).

In implementing their offer, respect for the environment, the fight against food waste and particularly, at this time, strict compliance with the Covid-19 health protocols in force, will continue to be our priority, with the new provider. SERENEST will retain the staff who had been engaged by Sodexo since 1 September 2020.

The Division of Operations (OPS) and the Health and Safety Committee will monitor the further implementation of the different catering services offered to UNESCO.

In practical terms, for the immediate future, your credits on your Sodexo badges will automatically be transferred to the new Serenest badges and can be used from Monday 11 January  2021. 

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