12.12.2011 - UNESCO Office in Ramallah

UNESCO trains 27 journalists in the occupied Palestinian Territories

Thirteen journalism students and recent graduates from the West Bank, and 14 experienced journalists from Gaza, attended two UNESCO-funded workshops (October 18 - 26) on conflict sensitive journalism at the Media Development Center of Birzeit University, West Bank.

The courses, conducted by Canadian journalist John Keating, aimed at providing Palestinian journalists with the necessary skills to work in a complex and sensitive environment.

According to Hala Tannous, from the UNESCO Office in Ramallah, “part of the course was designed to explain how conflicts work and how they are settled. We hope that such techniques will help Palestinian journalists to explore more ways of tackling the on-going local situation,” she said.

“Conflict Sensitive Journalism is a relatively new idea, a set of ideas for covering conflict that tells the news in a responsible way without making the conflict worse. It’s built on the basic pillars of journalism, such as accuracy and fairness,”said John Keating.

The two workshops courses were the first of their kind carried out by the Media Development Center of Birzeit University.

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