11.12.2012 - UNESCO Office in Addis Ababa

Validation workshop on the Pilot implementation of Teacher Management Information System (TMIS)

Validation workshop on the Pilot implementation of Teacher Management Information System (TMIS) from October 15-17, 2012 in Axum.


Teacher Management Information System has been one of the activities of continued from previous CapEFA program. In CapEFA I program, the TMIS was designed after consultation with Federal and Regional State Education bureaus. It was agreed that TMIS should be part of the existing Education Management Information System which has been implemented nationally and a pilot test should be conducted in selected Woredas of 7 Regional states whose expenses were covered from the program. Now, as the first activity of the CapEFA II program this validation workshop was conducted to evaluate the outcome of the pilot study and share the experience to other regional states who have not yet implemented TMIS.


The Main objectives of the workshop were

  1. To discuss the result of the TMIS pilot tests in selected Woredas of the 7 Regional states
  1. Experience sharing on how to implement TMIS nationally
  1. To discuss the way forward on the implementation TMIS and decentralized EMIS


The objectives of the workshop were met successfully. All regions who conducted the TMIS pilot test have presented the results. By and large, the pilot TMIS implementation has been successful in all regions.

The way for ward 

All the stakeholders in the activity of the TMIS implementation, the Federal Ministry of Education, Regional Educations Bureaus and UNESCO have been assigned different tasks.

UNESCO is expected to provide the printed questionnaires of TMIS as it has previously done for the Pilot test. Besides, technical issues raised during the workshop should be solved by UNESCO.

The Federal Ministry has a task of organizing the needs of teacher information from the 3 directorates, namely EMIS, TDP and Teacher licensing and Re-licensing.

The Regional Education Bureaus will organize the implementation and follow up the day to day task of the implementation the Woredas that implement TMIS.

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