07.09.2005 -

10th International Journalists` Competition "Ecology Of Russia"

Mass media is one of the most efficient tools for promoting social dialogue and shaping public opinion.

Considering both this fact and the high social significance of bioethical issues the UNESCO Moscow Office for the second time supported the international journalists’ contest in the nomination “bioethics”, organized by the MediaUnion Ecological Journalism Guild. This year more than 100 articles – two times as many as the previous year - were submitted for the competition. The received materials were assessed by a jury, consisting of scientific experts, journalists, representatives of the UNESCO Moscow Office and the competition’s steering committee. Both geographical origin and social status of authors was very diverse. The articles were received from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Norway and the USA. Among the authors were schoolchildren, students, retired persons, businessmen, staff and non-staff media workers, professional journalists and representatives of public organizations, school teachers and academia. As in the previous year many articles submitted for the competition can be characterized by an overly free interpretation of the notion “bioethics”. With a view to avoid in future incomprehension and to promote awareness-rising on bioethical issues the chairman of the jury in the nomination “bioethics”, the corresponding member of RAS, Mr. B.G. Yudin proposed to organize a series of workshops for journalists in various regions of Russia. Publication of educational materials on bioethics elaborated jointly by scientists and journalists is being planned. Moreover, in the present time the concept of an all-Russia journalists’ competition aimed to develop this initiative and draw attention of journalists to bioethics is being elaborated. This year the National Ecology Prize “BIRCHBARK ROLL” wasn’t awarded.

Diploma of Degree I was awarded to:
Natalya Tokareva, “Ecology and Life” journal, Moscow;
Vladimir Ivanov and Vera Izhevskaya, Medicogenetic Scientific Centre of RAMS, Moscow.

Diploma of Degree II:
Katerina Migulina, “KP-on-Don” newspaper, Rostov-on-Don;
Ivan Volkovsky, “Mogilevskiye vedomosti” newspaper, Belarus

Diploma of Degree III:
Olga Sizova, “Ustinka-plus” newspaper, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan;
Olga Yarmak, “Serp i molot” newspaper, Klin, Moscow Region


Вручение сертификатов лауреатам Международного конкурса журналистов по номинации

Delivery of certificates to the laureates of the International Journalists’ Contest in the nomination “Bioethics” (July 2005)
















Победители Международного конкурса журналистов по номинации Prize-winners of the International Journalists’ Contest in the nomination “Bioethics”



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