30.07.2011 - UNESCO Office in Moscow

A new publication on bioethics for journalists just published with the support of UNESCO

The book “Bioethics and Journalism” has been just published in Russian and English with the support of the UNESCO Moscow Office.

This book was prepared by the experts in the field of bioethics, Prof. Pavel Tishchenko and Prof. Boris Yudin, and supported by the UNESCO Moscow Office.

The authors of this book uncover the role of the mass media in the emergence and evolution of bioethics. The book addresses the responsibility borne by journalists in reporting stories related to suffering – both physical and spiritual. Not only are journalists responsible for simply telling the stories of human suffering, they are also responsible for supplying the population with an appropriate linguistic context for processing, understanding and relating to that suffering.

In conclusion, the authors present a series of moral principles that they believe to be particularly relevant for journalists covering issues of bioethics.  

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