21.05.2004 -

Cabri "Volga: Cooperation along a Big River: Institutional Coordination among Stakeholders for Environmental Risk Management in the Volga Basin"

The CABRI-Volga project is proposed for funding to the European Commission under the International Cooperation (INCO) Programme and has been submitted at the forum Great Rivers in Nizhniy Novgorod.

CABRI-Volga is an international coordination action to facilitate cooperation and to coordinate research in environmental risk management in large river basins in the EU, Russia & the New Independent States (NIS).

The project focus is on the Volga basin. For the Volga basin, environmental risk management is fundamental for protecting the environment, improving socio-economic conditions and promoting agricultural and industrial economies as well as the health of the Caspian Sea.

Existing problems in governance and institutional performance, deficiencies in civil society involvement as well as low levels of cooperation between academic and policy-making institutions have led to a situation of significant ecologic, social and economic risks in the basin.

The strategic Objectives of CABRI-Volga are:

  • To mobilise existing, isolated human and institutional resources and increase the research potential on environmental risk management and to link Europe's environmental research more strongly to research programmes at the international level
  • To provide a concrete contribution to major EU & international policy goals (e.g. EU Water Initiative, the EU's policy towards Russia, the Millennium Development Goals);
  • To strengthen links between the scientific communities and policy-making processes by establishing a dialogue on mutual de­mands and practical needs, and by providing policy guidance and knowledge transfer;
  • To develop a long-term perspective for scientific cooperation and experience exchange on integrated environmental risk management in large river basins and to develop policy initiatives and durable co­operation structures for raising awareness of stakeholders to equality and democratic principles; thus contributing to the promotion of environmental and human security in Russia and in Europe as a whole;
  • To follow an integrative approach for assessing and remediating human-induced environmental risks in the Volga basin, emphasising institutional cooperation.




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