06.09.2011 - UNESCO Office in Moscow

Call for proposals

UNESCO Moscow Office invites interested parties to submit proposals to develop an online course on Media and Information Literacy.

Outline of the project

Information and media literacy enables people to interpret and make informed judgments as users of information and media, as well as to become skillful creators and producers of information and media messages in their own right. UNESCO’s mission in this area consists of fostering information and media literate societies by encouraging the development of national information and media literacy policies, including in education. A particular focus is on training teachers to sensitize them to the importance of information and media literacy in the education process, enable them to integrate information and media literacy into their teaching and provide them with appropriate pedagogical methods and curricula.

The Media and Information Literacy Curriculum for Teachers developed by UNESCO is an important source for Member States in their continuing work towards achieving the objectives of the Grünwald Declaration (1982), the Alexandria Declaration (2005) and the UNESCO Paris Agenda (2007). It is specifically designed with teachers in mind and for integration into the formal teacher education system. The UNESCO MIL Curriculum consists of two parts: the MIL Curriculum and Competency Framework, which gives an overview of the curriculum rationale, design and main themes, and the detailed Core and Non-Core Modules of the curriculum.

The training course to be developed will be published online and used to educate teachers in media and information literacy. In accordance with the outline of the project the successful candidate shall develop the content of an online training course on “Media and Information Literacy for Teachers” in English based on the UNESCO Media and Information Literacy Curriculum for Teachers. The final version of the course should be properly structured to fit into an online shell.

Proposal submitted to UNESCO Moscow Office shall include:
1. Succinct letter (CV for individual) describing organization’s capacities;
2. A brief description of proposed course, plan of work and estimated costs.
Both documents should be submitted by email: s.knyazeva(at)unesco.org by 19 September, 2010.

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