06.12.2007 -

CD "Cultural Heritage Of Shor People" Released

The compact disc has been released with the financial support of the UNESCO Office in Moscow by the Novokuznetsk Public Organization "Shoriya" (NGO "Shoriya") in close cooperation with the Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North (www.raipon.org).

The support of the UNESCO Office in Moscow has been provided through the program aimed at the promotion and realization of the principles of the Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage (2003) in the cluster countries, and in the context of the Second International Decade of Indigenous Peoples.

The CD contains recordings of two heroic sagas of Shor people: "Altyn-Kylysh" (Golden Sword) performed by saga-teller Dmitriy Turushpanov and “Altyn-Tolay” (Golden Full Moon) performed by saga-teller Afanasiy Ryzhkin. Those sagas, recorded in the middle of the last century by Professor A. Chudoyakov, were restored and converted to modern electronic media.

Folk tales performed by well-known saga-tellers (kaichi) is the favorite performing genre of Shor people. Thanks to the implementation of this project the unique and priceless recordings of Shor folklore have been preserved for future generations of Shor people. It is envisaged that the CDs will be widely used by schoolchildren, students, teachers of Shor language and literature, folk ensembles, scientists and folklore fans.

The presentation of the CD took place during the round table "A. Chudoyakov and Cultural Heritage of Shor People," which was held in the Kuzbass State Pedagogical Academy with the participation of students and professors of the Faculty of Shor Language and Literature, representatives NGO "Shoriya" and the Association of the Shor People, scientific community of the city and journalists (November 2007, Novokuznetsk).

The CD is accompanied by a booklet-insert in Russian and English containing brief information about the sagas, activities of Professor A. Chudoyakov, and project participants.

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