28.09.2012 -

Teen Safety on the Internet

Web surfing has become an integral part of teens’ everyday life. While searching for answers on various questions, playing online games, communicating in chat rooms, forums and social networks, young boys and girls often spend a few hours every day on the Internet.

Such kind of immersion to the virtual world might be dangerous and risky though. On the Internet, as well as in “real life”, young people may become victims of fraud, abuse and violence, and to face harmful information, affecting their mental and emotional health.

Parents often encounter problems in identifying and revealing such threats, as most children are using the Internet independently, without any parental control.

The UNESCO Moscow Office and PSYCHOLOGIES magazine, in terms of a joint initiative TEENS Territory, released an article “Sex and the Internet: How to protect teens” in order to help parents better understand teens’ attitudes and behavior in the virtual reality and to protect their children against potential dangers of the Internet use.

To that end, the authors of the article have shared their knowledge and experience on that problem and also provided parents with the possibility to ask their own questions.

The article is available in Russian on the web site of PSYCHOLOGIES and in October print issue of the magazine.

Due to the high importance of the topics, addressed by the TEENS Territory project, several popular web-sites for parents have kindly agreed to post information about it. Among them are:





Kazakhstan Association on Sexual and Reproductive Health (KMPA)

Kiev Family Web Portal


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