26.05.2011 -

Famous Russian Cartoon Characters Help Children Learn Life Skill, Tolerance and Friendship

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Learning life skills at an early age is fundamental for successful socialization and participation in all aspects of community life. Education through entertainment brings important educational messages to children through fun. This ensures that new knowledge gained through existing stories and strong impressions makes a lasting impact on children’s lives

The newly forged partnership between UNESCO Moscow office, the National Children Fund and the leading Russian media project for children and young adolescents Smeshariki has given life to a new education tool – a brochure with cartoon based stories and animated cartoons on a CD, all together in one package. Now, teachers at school and parents at home can teach their 3 to 10 year old children important interpersonal and communication skills using animated cartoons, stories and exercises.

The lovable heroes of Smeshariki (better known in English as GoGoRiki) are ten different characters representing males and females, young and mature. They have different background and “occupation”, diverse preferences, interests and hobbies. They play and have fun, cooperate and solve different problems together. In this brochure, they introduce children to basic concepts of social interaction and mutual respect, develop their sense of tolerance, love for peace and rejection of cruelty, violence and discrimination on any basis including gender. The brochure is available at UNESCO Moscow site.

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