05.02.2013 - UNESCO Office in Moscow

Health information-seeking behavior on the web in adolescence: survey results

As a part of “Prevention ONLINE” project activities, in September-December 2012 UNESCO Office in Moscow together with Focus Media Foundation (dance4life project team in Russia) and UNAIDS Regional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia has conducted a survey on health information-seeking behavior on the web in adolescence.

The survey “What we search for on the Internet?” aimed at collecting data about needs and preferences of young men and women who are seeking on the Internet for health (including reproductive health) information as well as information about relationships. Analysis of such data might help to improve the efficiency and impact of HIV prevention and health promotion efforts on the web.

Banners with links to the online-poll were published on the websites of “Prevention Online” project participants – youth organizations of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, as well as on special web-pages for teenagers. All in all, more than 300 young men and women from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova took part in the survey.

Based on the received data, some practical recommendations on how to adapt health information on the Internet to the adolescence needs and preferences and how to promote special web-sites for teenagers have been developed.

Analysis of the data and practical recommendations are available in Russian under the following link.

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