26.10.2004 -

International Workshop-Training for Ecology Teachers

The international workshop-training for the teachers of ecology “Organization of research work in aspect of ecological education” was organized on 5-8 July 2004 within the framework of the UNESCO Special Project “Young people’s participation in World Heritage Preservation and Promotion”. It took place in Goriachinsk (near Ulan-Ude).

The Project “Young people’s participation in World Heritage Preservation and Promotion” was elaborated by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network in 1994. The project is aimed at developing innovative educational programmes in the field of informing young people about the Unique World Heritage Sites. Another objective of the project is to involve young people into the preservation of the World Heritage. An emphasis is put on taking initiatives concerning training of teachers and instructors as a means of spreading of World Heritage knowledge in the member-states. Regional and international meetings are held on a regular basis. Since 1999 this project is being implemented in the Russian Federation.

The main subject of the discussion of the thematic day was the teacher edition, published by UNESCO in the Russian language in 2000. The organizers of the seminar presented the UNESCO kit “Youth and World Heritage” and the exercise book “Youth and World Heritage”. The participants of the round table discussed the possibility and prospects of integration of World Heritage Education into the School curriculum and the use of World Heritage kit within local curriculums.

The practical part of the seminar was devoted to use of Internet possibilities in educational process as well as to the presentation of the Globe programme, aimed at developing technologies of environmental research.

After plenary statements the participants or the seminar continued their discussions in two groups (Red Group – Atmosphere, Blue Group – Land Cover). Preparation and realization of a field research was an essential part of the practical part of the seminar.

Summarizing the results of the seminar, the participants pointed out that the integration of the UNESCO World Heritage Programme together with the Globe into the educational process is a very important and challenging step. It may be of an utmost importance for the Baikal region, where it is impossible to carry out nature-conservative activities without informing the local population about the World Heritage Programme.

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