01.06.2012 - UNESCO Office in Moscow

Commonwealth of Independent States adopts a Declaration on Ethics of Science elaborated by UNESCO experts

Interparliamentary Assembly of Member Nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States (IPACIS) on its recent plenary session adopted the “Declaration on Ethical Principles of Science Activity”. The document was elaborated by the group of UNESCO experts in the field of ethics Prof. Ruben G. Apressyan, Prof. Olga I. Kubar and Prof. Boris G. Yudin with the support of the UNESCO Moscow Office and the Permanent Commission of IPACIS on Science and Education.

The Declaration conception reflects UNESCO strategic priorities in the field of ethics of science and technology. The document proposes an ethical standard both, for science activity as such and for public and state policies aimed to secure it. Adoption of the Declaration provides normative basis for assessment of social and humanitarian risks and benefits of scientific research and technological developments.

“Declaration on Ethical Principles of Science Activity” is based on the Analytical Review on this issue, which was developed on the basis of analysis of world and regional ethical-normative experience. Declaration and Analytical Review were published in Russian and English and posted on the UNESCO website. Declaration in Russian is posted on the website IPACIS under the heading “Adopted documents”.

Download PDF (3 MB)
English pp. 1-33, Russian pp. 34-70

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