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"Museum Practices In The 21st Century" - Workshop On Museum Management. September 19-24, 2005

The State Hermitage Museum in cooperation with the UNESCO Moscow Office organized the workshop "The Museum Practices in the 21st Century" held on September 19-24, 2005 in the State Hermitage Museum with participation of specialists from the leading art museums of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and the Russian Federation. The workshop was arranged in the framework of the new phase of the Project Hermitage/UNESCO in which the Hermitage become a centre of excellence and would actively share the experience and expertise it has gained over the life of the Project with other museums in Russia, the CIS, Central and Eastern Europe countries.

Director of the State Hermitage Mr M.B. Piotrovsky welcomed the participants during the opening ceremony of the event. Among the participants of the workshop  there were also Deputy Director of the State Hermitage Mr V. Matveyev, Deputy Director of the State Hermitage Mr G.Vilinbakhov, Head of the Hermitage Museum Youth Center Ms S.V. Kudriavtseva and other museum staff representatives. The Hermitage/UNESCO Project as well as the planned Programmes of the UNESCO Moscow Office aimed at advancing heritage conservation practices and innovative museum policy development in the cluster countries were presented to  the participants by Programme Officer for Culture of the UNESCO Moscow Office Ms Liubava Moreva 

The programme of the event included a series of thematic seminars, round tables and discussions.  The participants were acquainted with the work of the Hermitage’s press service and visited the museum’s new Storage Facility. They had special seminars devoted to the organization of temporary exhibitions, programs for museum development, work with visitors, new projects for children and young people. There were also sessions dealing with legal aspects of museum work, new publishing projects, the work of the Hermitage’s internet site, multimedia programs, problems of safeguarding monuments and restoring museum buildings.

Within the project the brochure containing a collection of articles relating to a broad range of issues facing modern museums has been published as well as a CD containing the Hermitage/UNESCO project presentation and a presentation of the State Hermitage Youth Educational Center Both issues has been created and distributed among the participants.

Undoubtedly, the profound experience of the State Hermitage museum in arranging tranning seminars permitted this meeting to become a significant event in the framework of the new model of cooperation between UNESCO and Hermitage. The participants confirmed their readiness to apply relevant practices and techniques introduced at the workshop within their respective organizations and to share the experience they have gained during the seminar with other museums of their country.

The participants of the workshop

Round table on Programs of museum development. Greeting address of Ms S.V. Kudriavtseva

In the new Fund-storage

In the General Staff

Publication containing a collection of articles "The Museum Practices in the 21st Century"

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