20.02.2008 -

New UNESCO Publication on Bioethics

In the century of cataclysms and technogenic catastrophes the joint participation of physicians from different countries plays essential role in the provision of medical aid in zones of disasters. However, at present in different countries of the world there are unequal approaches to the provision of medical aid to victims. As a result, the aid permitted into some countries, it proves to be unacceptable for the representatives of other countries or religious groups. Similar problems could arise not only in international actions of disaster relief, but also in management of relief aid inside such multinational and multicultural country as the Russian Federation.

The proposed to the attention of the reader brochure is built as step by step passage from the general bioethical principles of medical practice in modern world to its special norms in medical assistance in emergency situations. After the brief description of the concept of emergency situation, system of universal ethical rules and principles of doctor–patient relations is presented. These principles and rules are included in many international and national ethical codes of medical activity. The Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights (UNESCO, 2005) is the most characteristic example. The next part of the brochure presents complexity of applying universal rules and principles to exact situations of medical assistance in emergency situations to victims, who represent different ethnic and religious groups. In appendix texts of The Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights (UNESCO, 2005), and World Medical Association Declaration (Stockholm 1994) are given.

The target audience of this book includes Emergency Situations Ministries representatives, disaster medicine workers and bioethics teachers and students, as well as a broad range of readers who can be interested in bioethics.

Download PDF version (730 KB, Russian with summary in English)

In the framework of the project along with the above mentioned brochure a database with the information on cultural specifics and religious requirements linked to the medical aid has been created. The database is available as an informational web-page at www.bioethics.ru

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