25.11.2009 -

New UNESCO publication on interreligious dialogue

The UNESCO Moscow Office and the UNESCO Office in Beirut have implemented the joint project on conducting comparative studies in the field of intercultural and interreligious dialogue and preparing relevant electronic publication within the framework of the UNESCO Programme of Intercultural Dialogue Sector at the UNESCO Chairs. The project was implemented on the basis of the UNESCO Chairs functioning in Russia and Lebanon located at the St. Petersburg Branch of the Russian Institute for Cultural Research and St. Joseph University in Beirut.
The issue presents the results of a joint international research project with the aim of providing a systematic cross-cultural analysis of fundamental problems and actual perspectives of interfaith dialogue between Christianity and Islam, as seen from the perspectives of Russia and Lebanon.
The main aim of the project was to keep with the goals of UNESCO, which considers interfaith dialogue a flagship activity.
The e-book is published in English and Russian and includes an abstract in Arabic. It is available on the UNESCO website and is intended primarily for young people in Russia and the Middle East, as well as for teachers and researchers involved into interfaith dialogue as indispensable in enhancing intercultural understanding and rapprochement, social cohesion and peacemaking.

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“Christianity and Islam in the Context of Contemporary Culture: Perspectives of Interfaith Dialogue from Russia and the Middle East”

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