30.11.2006 -

New UNESCO Publication "Population of Republic Of Moldova in the Context of International Migration Processes"

The Social and Human Sciences sector of the UNESCO Office in Moscow presents the Proceedings of the International Conference “Population of the Republic of Moldova in the Context of the International Migration Processes”, that was held in Chisinau on 9th November 2005.

The book is collection of reports dedicated to the most topical issues of the modern migration processes of the Moldavian population, the bibliography on the migration issues, that was published in the Republic of Moldova (1989 – 2005) and  the List of literature on the migration issues of the Moldavian population, that was published abroad (1991 – 2005). Vast statistic material and the results of the sociological studies are included in the book. The list of speakers includes the prominent representatives of the Moldavian and foreign science, state and public authorities, experts in the field of migration and human rights. All articles that included in the two-volume book are published in Romanian and Russian.

This collection of materials was prepared and published by the  National Commission of the Republic of Moldova for UNESCO in cooperation with Moldavian State University,  the Centre “Intercultural Dialogue”, the Centre “CAPTES”  and with support of  the UNESCO Moscow Office in the frame of the project “Estimation of Migration Capacity of Moldavian Population to the NIS and EU Countries”.

The target audience of the publication is students, teachers, researchers, lawyers, journalists, human rights activists and NGO community, as well as a board range of readers.

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 Volume 1 (2,32 MB)
 Volume 2 (2,55 MB) 


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