16.12.2010 -

On 30th of November 2010 L’Oreal introduced the joint L’Oreal /UNESCO project “Hairdressers against AIDS”

The event was part of a great hairdressers’ show “INOA TROPHY” (a promotion of L’Oréal new brand “INOA”) on the eve of the World AIDS Day. The show was presented by a famous Russian showman Mr.Andrey Malakhov. During the evening, all participants, partners and guests, including Mr. Malakhov, wore red ribbons to demonstrate solidarity people living with HIV. An information stand was in service during the show. There the show participants could get additional information, programme leaflets and wristbands with the programme symbols and take pictures.

In 2005 UNESCO and L’Oreal signed an agreement of cooperation in the field of HIV prevention, this agreement later gave a birth to the programme “Hairdressers Against AIDS. In 2007, the programme was launched in Russia and since the launch approximately 10000 hairdressers have received training throughout the country. The trained hairdressers can now easily talk about HIV to their clients, suggest them to assess their knowledge about the virus and tell them how to avoid   HIV transmission.

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