06.12.2010 -

Presentational and Educational Resource Kit of the UNESCO/IFESCCO Project “Running a Museum – XXI Century” has been published

As a result of successfully implemented long-term UNESCO/IFESCCO Project “Running a Museum – XXI century” presentational and educational materials have been published, including a presentational booklet and a DVD. The materials contain full information on conducted regional and national trainings for CIS countries on museum management capacity building based on the UNESCO/International Council of Museums Training Package on museum studies.

The Resource Kit represents an informational and educational resource on museum management and for museum management and cultural heritage protection, aimed at facilitating the dissemination of information about the best practices and museum personnel training techniques, and providing the CIS trainers with the best knowledge and skills to organize and run national seminars and trainings.

DVD and booklet materials contain key information on UNESCO/ICOM museum programmes and the outcomes of the trainings for museum professionals, conducted in 2008-2010 in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the Republic of Moldova, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Apart from that, the resource comprises information about the final regional conference of museum experts of CIS Member States, as well as the recommendations, drawn from the positive cooperation experience, for further development of the UNESCO/IFESCCO Project in the field of museum affairs and strengthening long-term partner relationship among museums and museum professionals in the CIS member states.

Presentational and Educational materials are designed for museum personnel and for specialists working in the sphere of cultural heritage protection, as well as for anyone interested in the further development of the museum field, providing the opportunity to familiarize oneself with the international experience and latest developments in the field with the aim to use them in educational programmes and introduce new museum management methods.

“Running a Museum”. «Presentational and Educational Resource Kit. Presentational booklet.

“Running a Museum”. «Presentational and Educational Resource Kit. DVD.

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