19.09.2005 -

Project "Creation of Europe-Caucasus-Asia Cultural Policy Observatory"

With the goal of developing cultural industries in the cluster counties and to assist these sectors in engaging innovative technologies and preparing projects for representation in the context of the Global Alliance for cultural diversity, as well as for developing cultural collaboration, solidifying multi-cultural dialogue and cultural diversity in the cluster countries, the UNESCO Moscow Office supported the project "Creating a cultural policies Observatory “Europe-Caucasus-Asia” as part of UNESCO’s ongoing “Caucasus” project, adopted by the General Conference in 1999.

The meeting for establishing an Observatory of cultural policies "Asia-Caucasus-Europe" was held on May 5-6, 2005 in Baku, Azerbaijan. The event was organized by the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan with the support of UNESCO.    

The meeting aimed at elaborating and implementing mutual projects on innovative cultural policies for  heritage preservation and supporting creativity and cultural industries in the region.

Members of the meeting included representatives from the respective Ministries of Culture and the National Commissions for UNESCO.  Also in attendance were representatives of the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Parliament of Azerbaijan, representatives of Embassies and international organizations in Azerbaijan, international and local NGOs and UNESCO Moscow Office.   

The Minister of Culture of Azerbaijan Mr. Polad Byulbyul oglu addressed the participants of meeting with welcoming speech. He summed up the preparatory work and noted the international importance of creating the cultural policy Observatory Europe-Caucasus-Asia in the new geopolitics and trans-regional cooperation. In the opening ceremony, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Vagif Sadikhov noted the extreme importance and necessity of creating the ECA Observatory for coordination of foreign cultural policy of the GUUAM countries. Representatives of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia also welcomed the meeting. 

The results of this event include the published Proceedings of the seminar as well as a CD-ROM on the Observatory Asia-Caucasus-Europe project, whose multidimensional activities are not only limited to cultural relations and co-operation among the member nations but also aim to enhance friendship, peace,  tolerance and solidarity among the nations of the world.

Publication of the Proceedings of the International conference


Participants of the meeting

Folk ensemble performance

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