31.07.2012 -

PSYCHOLOGIES magazine helps parents in Eastern Europe and Central Asia to bring up healthy and happy children

Far too many adolescents and young people in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) are affected by STIs, including HIV, early unintended pregnancies and abortions. They experiment with alcohol and drugs which trigger risky behaviours. Suicide rates for teens in the region are among the highest in the world.

Parents can and should play an important role in protecting their children from these threats. However, they often lack knowledge, skills and feel uncomfortable to discuss sensitive issues with children. Today many parents regret not having comprehensive sexuality education at school in their childhood and not discussing these issues with adults at that time.

The UNESCO Moscow Office and PSYCHOLOGIES magazine* launch a new project TEENS Territory to help parents across the region better understand their children, maintain good relationships with them, help them overcome challenges of growth, avoid mistakes and make healthy choices. Experts from different EECA countries will provide comprehensive information, answer questions and empower parents to talk to children about values, responsibility, relationships, and healthy sexuality and healthy life. New articles, tests, book reviews and personal stories will appear every month in the TEENS Territory, a new guide for parents of teens.

To access TEENS Territory please click here.

* Monthly magazine PSYCHOLOGIES is published in nine countries in English, French, Flemish, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Greek, Chinese and Russian. Over 600 000 people read PSYCHOLOGIES in Russian.

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