12.09.2005 -

Research Project: "Socio-Economic and Cultural Rights of Youth in CIS and Main Obstacles to their Realization" Completed

The research project «Social, economic and cultural rights of CIS youth and the basic obstacles to their realization» was carried out in 2002 – 2005 by the Department of the Sociology of Youth (ISPR RAS) with the support from the UNESCO Moscow Office.

The project was aimed to obtain reliable data on the state of the legal culture of youth in the Russian Federation, dynamics of changes in the legal consciousness of youth and factors affecting its development in order to contribute to the democratization of the societies in transition.

During the first, preparatory phase (2002-2003) sociological instruments were selected, research method elaborated, expert group established, pilot sociological experiment in Voronezh and Minsk conducted. It proved the reliability of the methodological basis and provided data for subsequent comparative analysis. The outcomes of the first phase were discussed at the meeting of the specialists in youth rights organized in 2004 in Moscow on the initiative of the UNESCO Moscow Office.

The second phase (2004-2005) was devoted to conducting a sociological research among young people in Moscow, Voronezh, Minsk and Gomel which enabled to receive representative data revealing the state and the dynamics of changes in the legal consciousness of youth in Russia and Belarus. The object of research were young people (schoolchildren and students), age 12 - 18.

Purposes of the research:
1. To define the sources of information on legal issues and to analyze the level of legal consciousness of adolescents;
2. To investigate the system of knowledge, values and attitudes of adolescents in the field of legal issues;
3. To estimate the attitude of adolescents to the existing legal system guaranteeing the protection of their rights (legislation, organizations, structures);
4. To analyze youth rights abuses, to classify the types and sources of abuses (according to respondents);
5. To identify the factors promoting / hindering the realization of the adolescent rights;
6. To analyze the interconnection between the level of legal culture and the realization of the adolescent rights;
7. To evaluate the state of legal education and to identify the ways of its development;
8. To analyze practical managerial measures of improving the state of legal culture.

The reliability of the collected data was proved by the results of the expert interviews. The results and findings of the research are presented in an analytical report.

One of the valuable project outputs is the plan of dissemination of the research’s findings through relevant Russian and Byelorussian authorities, academic and scientific institutions and mass media and promotional activities. The analytical report points out the advisability of conducting a wide information campaign based on this plan with the participation of government institutions, civil society and mass media with the aim of improving the legal culture of youth.

Analytical report "Socio-economic and cultural rights of youth in the CIS and main obstacles to their realisation" (in Russian).


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