19.09.2005 -

Round Table: "Development of Cultural Industries: The Case Of Museum Sources and Traditional Crafts"

The roundtable "Development of Cultural Industries: the Case of Museum Sources and Traditional Crafts" for the representatives of cultural institutions from the cluster countries took place on May 26-27, 2005 in Tbilisi, Georgia, with support from the UNESCO Moscow Office and the Open Society Institute, Budapest. This meeting was conducted in the framework of the project entitled “Creation of the Europe-Caucasus-Asia Cultural Policy Observatory" as part of UNESCO’s ongoing “Caucasus” project, adopted by the General Conference in 1999.

Cultural industries have been an integral part of the cultural history of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan and have been a source of not only cultural pride but also economic livelihood, the exchange of ideas, creation and creativity.  

This roundtable provided a forum for inter-cultural dialogue of professional representatives from the countries of the Europe-Caucasus-Asia cultural corridor.  The aim of the project was to facilitate the exchange of positive experiences in cultural industries through roundtable discussions and attendance of exhibitions.  This meeting also intended to establish the most effective means and opportunities for developing cultural industries in the participating countries.

The event resulted in the publication of the brochure and  CD-ROM "Development of Cultural Industries based on the museum sources and traditional crafts - EUROPE – CAUCASUS – ASIA" containing the Proceedings of the round table.

Proceedings of the seminar (brochure)


Proceedings of the seminar (CD-ROM)

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