27.05.2013 - UNESCO Office in Moscow

Table game “Voyage along the Volga River”

Within the joint programme “Living Volga”, implemented by the UNESCO Moscow Office and the Coca-Cola Hellenic Eurasia company, the table game “Voyage along the Volga River” was developed and published. Activities of the programme "Living Volga" are aimed to protect and use rationally ecosystems of the Volga River. The programme encourages environmental awareness, helps people to make water consumption reasonable and also work out responsible attitude to water resources of the Volga ecosystems.

The game “Voyage along the Volga River” is designed for children 12+ years old, and for all who want to expand horizons and learn new things about the great river.

The goal of the game is to pass whole playing field from start to finish answering the questions of various level of difficulty and to score as many points as possible. Tasks worth 10 points will require players to show up sagacity and good orientation on the map. Tasks worth 20 points will require knowledge in school curriculum, and for the correct answer to the questions worth 30 points the players should be prepared and learn more rare facts about the Volga River and its fluvial system.

The game was made with the necessary environmental requirements for printing. In production of the game secondary raw materials (waste paper), certified by the international system of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), were used. The presence of the FSC logo means that the paper on which the game is printed originates from woods with responsible forest management.

The further plans are to develop an electronic version of the game and make on-line version available on thematic web portal of the “Living Volga” programme.

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