26.05.2009 -

The National Capacity-Building Training for the Museum Specialists of the Republic of Belarus on Museum Management took place in Minsk

From 26 May to 28 May 2009 the National Capacity-building Training in Museum Management based on UNESCO/ICOM Museum Studies Training Package for the Museum Specialists of the Republic of Belarus was conducted in Minsk, the Republic of Belarus on the basis of three museums – National Art Museum of Belarus, Yanka Kupala State Literary Museum, State Museum of History of Theatrical and Musical Culture of Belarus.

The Training was organized and conducted with the support of the UNESCO Moscow Office within the frames of the Agreement signed between UNESCO and Intergovernmental Foundation for Educational, Scientific and Cultural Cooperation (IFESCCO) on cooperation in the field of museum development in the CIS countries. The National Training was prepared in cooperation with the National Commission of Belarus for UNESCO, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian Committee of ICOM.

The programme of the National Training included a wide range of contemporary museum issues as: problems of a professional ethics, museum management and marketing, directions of collection policy, museum collecting and documenting, exhibition planning, and problems of keeping, preservation and transportation of museum values. Special attention has been given to the aspects of mutual relations of a museum with its public and the development of educational activity.

Museum professionals from different areas of Belarus and Minsk (26 museum professionals) participated in the training. The participants had the opportunity to enrich one another thanks to the diversity of their experience concerning current questions of museum management, their various specializations in the field of museum management, and the active involvement of the young specialists. Such approach could promote greatly to an exchange of experience, information and opinions on questions which were studied. Belarusian museum experts as well as International museum experts from Russia (Saint-Petersburg) and Ukraine (Kiev) took part in the training.

The Training in Minsk represented the next step in the implementation of the project consisting of the organization of a series of Capacity-building Trainings for Museum Specialists of the CIS countries, and followed the Regional Capacity-building Training in museum management for CIS countries based on UNESCO/ICOM Museum Studies Training Package, which took place with participation of museum specialists from the Republic of Belarus (29 June – 6 July 2008, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation).

Within the frames of the project of the UNESCO Moscow Office, the next National Capacity-building Training will be held in the Russian Federation (Kazan, 7-10 September 2009). The outcomes of these National Capacity-building Trainings will be edited in a presentational publication containing detailed information and the results of the conducted activities.

Programme of the Training


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