28.03.2012 - UNESCO Office in Moscow

To tolerance through public libraries, together with UNESCO

On 5-6 April 2012 in the framework of the IX International Book Forum “Russian West” the launching of the Centre of Tolerance will be held in the Pskov Regional Universal Scientific Library. The project initiated by the Tolerance Institute and the Rudomino All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature is being realized in cooperation with the Administration of Pskov Region and the UNESCO Moscow Office.

Libraries should be considered as the most important resource for developing mutual understanding among people, as the area of dialogues of cultures, and as the ground for permanent contacts of representatives of various social groups. Being cultural, public and information social centers, libraries accumulate and disseminate objective information on inter-cultural cooperation, and in doing this act as the major social resource of strengthening and stabilizing inter-national contacts. A public library carries out a unique mission by drawing in and uniting various groups of population (including socially unprotected ones) and thus contributing to elimination of social tension and integration of new groups, such as migrants and repatriates, into the new cultural surrounding
Center's of Tolerance main activities include:

  • information on the relevant materials in library collections (oral and written references, compilation of bibliographies, catalogues, electron catalogues and resources in Internet);
  • searching for and disseminating by means of mass media of information on relevant organizations, institutions and private initiatives (social publicity);
  • organizing thematic exhibitions of books and works of art;
  • preparing relevant publications for professional editions as well as for presentation on library Internet sights;
  • establishing grounds for inter-cultural and international contacts and carrying-out of public actions;
  • conducting lectures, discussions and seminars for library users, including children and their teachers;
  • organizing methodological seminars and conferences for librarians with the aim of interchanging information and sharing experience;
  • carrying-out festivals and competitions among the libraries to expose, approbate and actively use the best methods and practices of work with socially vulnerable groups of population;
  • ending libraries financial and methodological support in realization of their educational and enlightening programmes aimed at constructive use and promotion of ideas of Tolerance.

More on the Tolerance Institute and Tolerance Centres’ Project

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