28.11.2006 -

UNESCO & Coca-Cola Sign A Cooperation Agreement

On 22 November 2006 UNESCO and Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia signed an agreement on implementation of the project “Enhancement of environmental awareness targeting effective water and wetlands ecosystems management of the Volga delta: a demonstration project on sustainable development”.

The activities to foster better awareness and valuation of biodiversity resources of Lower Volga water and wetlands ecosystems and an understanding of the principles of sustainable development amongst local authorities and communities will be implemented in the framework of the project.

The broad development goals of this project are to strengthen the ability of the subjects within the Volga River Basin (Volga Delta area) to plan and manage the Volga River catchment area on a sustainable basis and to change attitudes towards water by an enhancement of environmental awareness.

The project will be implemented by the UNESCO Moscow Office in cooperation with its partners with financial support of the Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia. The project will further envisage an effective collaboration with all key actors within the area concerned including international organizations such as UNDP, UNEP, Wetlands International, etc.

UNESCO highly welcomes the newly born partnership with Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia. The Coca-Cola company, awarded by many prizes demonstrating a countrywide recognition of the wide range of its production, through many years has paid special attention to supporting and developing the most important social, cultural and environmental initiatives in the regions of its business network. Sponsor and charity work of Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia is wide and variable: culture, science, education, sport, environmental protection, etc. On September 2006 the Coca-Cola Company signed a partnership agreement with UNESCO-IHE – an internationally recognized institute for water education – to jointly promote training and knowledge-sharing among the world’s foremost water scholars and professionals. In this connection the Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia partnership with UNESCO on enhancement of environmental awareness targeting effective water and wetlands ecosystems management of the Volga delta will be an essential part of the Coca-Cola Company’s efforts on protection of water resources.

The project fully corresponds with the current biennium (2006-2007) principal priority of the UNESCO Natural Sciences Sector “Water and associated ecosystems”, and is of special importance within the International Decade for Action “Water for Life”(2005-2015) and the UN Decade “Education for Sustainable Development” (2005-2014).

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