30.11.2012 - UNESCO Office in Moscow

UNESCO Moscow Office and PSYCHOLOGIES magazine mark the World AIDS Day

The December issue of PSYCHOLOGIES* tells a story of 29-years-old Margarita who lives with HIV and raises a daughter born free from the virus. Margarita and her husband decided to name her Vera which means “hope”.

The TEENS’ Territory section established in PSYCHOLOGIES through the cooperation with UNESCO invited Doctor Eugenie Voronin, a prominent Russian expert in pediatric AIDS, director of the national Children AIDS Clinic in St. Petersburg to share with readers the key facts about HIV and AIDS. “There is no medical vaccine against HIV yet,” says doctor Voronin. “But education provides knowledge, fosters values and develops skills which are prerequisites for responsible and safe behavior.” He reminds parents about the importance of school based comprehensive sexuality education programs which contribute to positive behavioral changes and reduced risks of HIV infections among adolescents and young people. “We have to make one more effort,” adds doctor Voronin. “We should create an environment where people living with HIV would not fear someone to find out their status. HIV is a chronic disease today and a life with it can be long and fulfilling.”

The TEENS’ Territory section helps parents across Eastern Europe and Central Asia better understand their children, maintain good relationships with them, and support them to overcome challenges of growth, avoid mistakes and make healthy choices. Since July 2012, a total of 27 articles have been published in the TEENS’ Territory to empower parents to talk to children about values, responsibility, relationships, and healthy sexuality and healthy life. 

To access TEEN’S Territory please click here.

* Monthly magazine PSYCHOLOGIES is published in nine countries in English, French, Flemish, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Greek, Chinese and Russian. Over 600 000 people read PSYCHOLOGIES in Russian.

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