12.12.2007 -

UNESCO Supports Assessment of Educational Needs in Environmental Ethics In Russia

Following UNESCO’s policy in environmental ethics and education, in particular, the recommendations of the UNESCO Committee on Ethics in Science and Technology (COMEST) to increase the public awareness in the field of environmental ethics and dissemination of knowledge on sustainable development, measures aimed at increasing the knowledge of environmental ethics, developing cooperation and policy in the field of research were identified as a cluster priority in this field for 2006-2007.

The research «Awareness Level and Educational Needs of the People in the Russian Regions with Respect to Environmental Ethics» conducted by the specialist of the UNESCO International Chair on Environmental Ethics at the East-Siberian State University of Technology with the support of the UNESCO Moscow Office made it possible to assess the information needs of the people living in the Russian regions and identify the best ways to disseminate information on the subject to them. The project also involved the development of a network for sharing knowledge on ecological ethics which will be supported by a special website “Environmental Ethics and Sustainable Development” that was also developed as a part of the project. According to the plan, a database of educational programmes, materials and publications on environmental ethics, sustainable development, UNESCO Chairs, etc. will eventually be made available on the Internet.

The research results have been published as a brief analytical report. An enlarged edition based on the results of the project will be available at the beginning of 2008.

http://www.unesco.ru/files/docs/shs/publ/environmental_ethics-analytical_reprot_brief1.pdfWebsite “Environmental Ethics and Sustainable Development”

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