Memory of the World

Khitrovo Gospel, included to the Memory of the World Register in 1997. © Russian State Library

Protecting world’s inheritance of books, works of art and monuments of history and science

This UNESCO's programme aims at preserving and disseminating of valuable archive holdings and library collections worldwide. It reflects the diversity of languages, peoples and cultures and is the mirror of the world and its memory. However, this memory is fragile: every day irreplaceable parts of this memory disappear forever.

Nowadays Memory of the World Register includes 193 entries – archive and library collections as well as manuscripts - in 83 countries.
One of the entries included to Memory of the World Register is held in Armenia, one in Azerbaijan, one - in Belarus and eight of the entries are held in archives, libraries and museums of Russia. In 2009 with the assistance of the UNESCO Moscow Office and cooperation between archivists and librarians of Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Finland the Nesviz Archive and Library Collection of the Radzivill family was included to the Memory of the World Register.

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