National Trainings

Within the first stage of the UNESCO/IFFESCO Project “Running a Museum - 21st century” upon the results of the UNESCO/ICOM Regional Training Workshop “Running a Museum” (St. Petersburg, 2008) with the support of the UNESCO Moscow Office, in cooperation with the UNESCO Office in Almaty and the UNESCO Office in Tashkent the National capacity-building Trainings has been conducted based on UNESCO/ICOM Museum Studies Training Package for the Museum Specialists of relevant countries.

The UNESCO/ICOM Trainings aim at increasing capacities of museum professionals in museum management and strengthening the role of museums as access points to knowledge on cultural heritage and cultural diversity by improving the educational content of museums particularly by using ICTs, as well as by enhancing the protection of cultural objects, the fight against illicit trafficking and reinforcing museum networks as factors of social cohesion and intercultural dialogue.


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