Management of Social Transformations

Given the overwhelming changes brought on by globalization and new technologies, UNESCO promotes action aimed to strengthen ties between social research and policy-making.
MOST, created to “manage social transformation,” is the first intergovernmental initiative launched within the United Nations System. From 1994 to 2003, the programme focused on international research. Today it is more focused on improving the programme’s political impact and visibility. The most recent initiative (2004-2013) focuses primarily on the need to link international public action networks to those of researchers and experts. The goal is to make social science research relevant to concrete political issues.

In this field UNESCO Moscow office focuses mainly on the Programme on International Migration and Social Integration, the main task of which is to ensure the migrant’s rights and their successful social and economic integration in their new communities. Key activities of the Office include organizing trainings and seminars, producing educational manuals and other publications.

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