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Crisis-sensitive educational planning capacity building in Madagascar

Capacity building of Malagasy representatives of regional directorates of the Ministry of National Education on crisis-sensitive planning in Education (c)UNESCO

Representatives of ten regional directorates of the Ministry of National Education in Madagascar undertook a professional training on crisis-sensitive planning in Education, from 26 to 29 November 2018, to strengthen their capacity in disaster and risk management and planning in education.

Representatives of ten Regional Directorates of the Ministry of National Education attended a four-day workshop at the National Institute for Vocational Training (INFP) in Mahamasina to strengthen their planning and management skills in case of risks, emergencies and disasters. A first workshop was organized in June 2018 for twelve other regional directorates of coastal regions.

As a matter of fact, Madagascar is one of the countries in the world most affected by natural disasters such as cyclones, droughts, floods, and epidemics. Its 46 natural disasters in 35 years have affected more than 11 million people, including five million children.

As a result, natural disasters hamper students from going back to school for several months, because of destroyed classrooms, displaced families, or because schools become shelters. Most of the times, students drop out of schools because they find themselves in poverty situations or under food insecurity.

Risk and Disaster Management is one of the activities that need to be strengthened, according to the Malagasy Education Sector Plan (2018-2021), which recognizes the paramount role of crisis-sensitive planning in achieving desired outcomes.

For this, the Ministry of National Education of Madagascar, in partnership with UNESCO, UNICEF, the Malagasy National Office of Risk and Disaster Management (BNGRC), the emergency prevention and management unit (CPGU) and METEO,with the support of Education Cannot Wait, has embarked on a process to strengthen its capacity to plan prevention activities, preparedness and response to emergencies, to avoid recurring impacts following the passage of hazards.

The presence of the Minister of National Education, the Secretary General, and the Director of Planning at the opening of the activity showed a strong commitment to the protection of the Right to Quality Education for All Children, and to the strengthening of the resilience of the educational community facing disasters.

This workshop was co-organized with the Malagasy National Commission for UNESCO.

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