18.07.2011 -

Groundwater management within river basins training. Johannesburg, South Africa. 18-22 July 2011

This was a training on Groundwater water management within River Basins held in Johannesburg, South Africa 18-22 July 2011.  UNESCO Nairobi Office sponsored one participant from the Ministry of Water and Irrigation Nairobi Kenya to attend the training.

The training in Groundwater management within river basins in South Africa was beneficial and it provided an insight into how water resources are managed in other countries in the continent. There is need for innovations and information sharing between the African states as most of the huge groundwater resources are Transboundary and therefore there is need for cooperation in the management of this resource.

The purpose of the course was to promote capacity development actions for improved groundwater management within trans-boundary River Basin Organizations.  The objectives of the course were to introduce participants to the concepts of sustainable groundwater management in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), facilitate exchange of knowledge and best practices for knowledge transfer and skill development among the participants and to create networks, foster regional collaboration and knowledge exchange in the field of groundwater management.

It was concluded that there is a need to integrate groundwater and surface water management to ensure better overall water management and allocation due to the fact that management and protection of groundwater has been seriously neglected, potentially endangering the resource.   The water scarcity problems that Africa faces in general can be solved even in this era of climate change, ever increasing population and environmental degradation, we only need to be ready to adapt, mitigate against the challenges or transform the way we do things to ensure survival of the people in this continent.

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