21.02.2012 -

Stakeholder Workshop on the Nomination of the Qohaito Cultural Landscape to World Heritage List, Asmara, Eritrea. 2nd-5th August 2011

Awareness raising and information sharing on the provisions of the 1972 World Heritage Convention was the focus of UNESCO’s work in Eritrea. Although a state party to the 1972 World Heritage Convention, Eritrea does not have a national legal framework for its heritage, it has no experience in preparing nomination dossiers and has no heritage site listed on the World Heritage List. It is in this context that the National Museums of Eritrea was technically supported in the elaboration of a nomination dossier for Qohaito Cultural Landscape as follows:

(i)    A mentorship programme through a consultant who worked with the Eritrean Nomination Team in:

  • Mobilizing and consulting with community;
  • Undertaking field visits to identify important elements of the Site;
  • Developing technical documents including draft management plan and statement of the outstanding universal value maps;

(ii)    Stakeholder’s Workshop which was organized from the 2-5th August 2011. The workshop proved a platform for stakeholders to provide input and comments on the draft management plan and draft statement of the Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) for the Site. 

The workshop enabled participants to understand the provisions of the 1972 convention and the 2003 Convention and to place the development of the Qohaito nomination dossier in this context. An action plan for the finalization of the nomination dossier was drawn up and adopted. This will be spearheaded by the National Heritage Committee.


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