11.05.2011 -

UNESCO supporting Learning Assessment in Rwandan schools (LARS)

The importance of improving quality of education has been identified in the Rwanda Education Sector Strategic Plan 2010-2015 of the Ministry of Education. The document has listed improvement of quality education as one of its seven main priority areas for the education sector which includes monitoring learning achievement at national level.The Learning Assessment in Rwandan Schools (LARS) is an attempt to address the above concern by developing learning assessment for P3 grade students.

Following the development of assessment tools and background questionnaires in 2010, the Inspectorate General which coordinates LARS, conducted a pre-test of all the tools in March 2011. Based on the pre-test results, the main instruments were finalized and the assessment was conducted in May, 2011.

A technical workshop on item response and data analysis for MINEDUC staff was conducted by two international consultants in June 2011. The LARS team is currently involved in data entry and cleaning exercise. This will be followed by preparation of the technical report by end of 2011.

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