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Women in Tech, UNESCO joins Nairobi Innovation Week with a Youth Mobile workshop and a Hackathon for coding

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On the occasion of the Nairobi Innovation Week, themed “Innovating for a better tomorrow”, UNESCO is organizing a Youth Mobile workshop and a Hackathon to achieve sustainable development goals through technology and mobile App development.

On the occasion of the Nairobi Innovation Week taking place from 5 to 9 March 2018 themed “Innovating for a better tomorrow”, UNESCO is organizing a side-event contributing towards networking, capacity building, investment and support opportunities to youth in East Africa by building their experience in programming (learning-to-code) and problem solving (coding-to-learn).

The event will take place in Nairobi, from 26 February to 2 March 2018. The five-day workshop will train thirty University students from both private and public universities in Kenya who have a passion in making an impact through ICTs. The aim of the workshop is to have fifteen to twenty mobile app prototypes created and developed by the participants.

The five-day workshop will be followed by a two-day hackathon, from the 5 to 6 March 2018. Giving priority to the identified ‘champions’ from the Women in Technology workshop and Persons Living with Disabilities, this hackathon is targeting a total of thirty young men and women from public and private Universities in East Africa, ensuring the 50/50 gender balance is observed.

Students will develop quality mobile applications on the themes of accessibility, traditional games, poverty reduction, agriculture, climate change, women empowerment and environment.

The event will provide to young participants the necessary basic technical skills and confidence to develop, promote, and sell locally relevant mobile applications that solve local issues of sustainable development, socio economic development and provide self-generated, viable employment opportunities in the mobile/ICT industry.

Finally, at the end of the workshop and hackathon, the participants with brilliant mobile applications will be given a chance to pitch their applications and ideas to local Angel investors for seed funding.

More about:

· UNESCO Youth Mobile Initiative

The UNESCO side event organized in Nairobi is part of the UNESCO Youth Mobile initiative. The YouthMobile Initiative builds on the experience of many worldwide initiatives that introduce young people to computer science programming (learning-to-code) and problem solving (coding-to-learn). It also seeks to build on experiences targeting young women who are vastly underrepresented in this field. Finally it builds on the consideration that for millions of young people, the smartphone in their pocket is a very powerful computer, it will be their only computer, and they use it for nearly every aspect of their lives: communicating, learning, taking pictures, and playing games.

With this new initiative, UNESCO and its partners strive to provide young people with the high-level skills and confidence to develop, promote, and sell locally relevant mobile apps that solve local issues of sustainable development and provide employment.

  • Nairobi Innovation Week

The Nairobi Innovation week brings together partners from government, private sector, development partners and research centres, with an aim of providing a platform for showcasing and encouraging innovation. The week, taking place from 5 to 9 March 2018, will target 3000+ delegates from universities, small businesses, academia, corporate, entrepreneurs, research centers, policy makers, investors, government, and it will take shape through hackathons, workshops, panel discussions, exhibitions and start-up pitches. The aims of the Innovation week is to recognize innovations by researchers, startups and organizations, to promote practice skills necessary to create innovations that truly impact on people and societies; to influence policy making and to provide support mechanisms for innovations that have been developed, to gain traction and trade.

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Venue: Nairobi University Towers

When: 26 February to 2 March 2018 Workshop/ 5 to 6 March 2018 Hackathon

UNESCO contacts:

Mr Gideon Mwaura, Communication and Information, email: g.mwaura(at)unesco.org

Ms. Lydiah Gachungi, Communication and Information, email: l.gachungi(at)unesco.org

Mr. Briston Nyongesa, Nairobi Innovation Week, email: nyongesa(at)c4dlab.ac.ke

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