Pluralistic Media

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UNESCO is providing support to community radios through the implementation of a SIDA funded project themed Empowering Local Radios with ICTs in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. This is done through a series of capacity building activities and mentorships that seeks to bridge the gap between poor people - especially women and girls - and stimulate public debate on issues of local public concern. The interventions aim at improving radio stations programming quality, enhance pluralistic media through building capacities of radio practitioners to integrate youth voices into radio programming, encourage use of ICTs as a support for local radio broadcasting, and also increase geographical range of news coverage with network of correspondents. It also focuses on gender equality actions and financial sustainability of the radio stations.

In regards to UNESCOs commitment to support and facilitate pluralistic media institutions to adopt gender-sensitive policies and for strengthened community media policy and practice, UNESCO is currently empowering youth from youth organizations to develop and deepen competencies to enable them participate in Media and Information Literacy initiatives in Kenya. This intervention also seeks to support the development of national media and information literacy policy and strategies through the adoption of UNESCO media and information literacy curriculum for teachers in Kenya.

Raising Our Voices, Empowering Local Radios through ICTs

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