Earth Science

Mining stakeholders examine the Merelani Tanzanite Mine, an ASM site near Arusha as part of the UNESCO-SIDA funded project “Mapping and Assessing the Environmental and Health Impacts of Abandoned Mines in Sub-Saharan African Countries”© Hyemin Lee/UNESCO

Scientific knowledge of the Earth’s history and mineral resources, of the ecosystems and biodiversity, and of the interaction of humans with ecosystems are important to help us understanding how to manage our planet Earth for a peaceful and sustainable future. The UNESCO Regional Office for Eastern Africa serves as the hub for Earth Science activities in Africa. As an overarching initiative, our work is driven by the UNESCO Earth Science Education Initiative in Africa launched in 2011. UNESCO is providing support to the development of the next generation of Earth Scientists by equipping them with the necessary tools, networks and perspectives to apply sound science to solving societal problems and to advise the government for sustainable development. 

UNESCO’s focus in Earth Science include:



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