Erta Ale Volcano, Ethiopia @ UNESCO Nairobi

The IGGP comprises the International Geoscience Programme (IGCP), which for over 45 years has brought geoscientists together from all regions of the world to study the Earth and geological processes under themes which have increasing societal relevance, and the UNESCO Global Geoparks, which promote sites of international geological value and are the basis of local sustainable development.

Through a multidisciplinary and intersectoral approach, the Geo-Hazards Risk Reduction builds capacities and fosters partnerships so that Earth sciences and technology can serve to mitigate the effects of the threats and reduce vulnerability increase scientific knowledge and improve living conditions and well-being of communities in general.

Earth Science Education in Africa:

Many earth-related environmental challenges facing our evolving world can only be addressed if young generations are equipped with necessary knowledge, and this starts at an early age through education. Through this project, the UNESCO objective is to inform and convince governments to adapt their natural sciences curricula to give earth sciences a status that reflects the importance that this discipline plays in the everyday life of African people. More

African Network of Earth Science Institutions (ANESI)

UNESCO, with the funding from Swedish International Cooperation Agency (SIDA), facilitated the organization of ANESI which became fully operational in 2015. The ANESI secretariat is based in the UNESCO Regional Office in Nairobi and is currently implementing a series of activities to facilitate exchange and collaboration for high quality research and capacity building exercises in Africa. In doing so, ANESI has promoted the use of modern technology in research and education among member institutions, as well as facilitated cooperation among various universities, research institutions and industries in the region. More

Environmental & Health Impacts of Abandoned Mines in Sub-Saharan African Countries

UNESCO-International Geoscience Programme (IGCP), International Union for Geological Sciences (IUGS), and SIDA, are supporting research on the environmental and health impact of mining activities in Sub-Saharan African countries with a special focus on abandoned mines. The findings of this research will serve as science-based evidences for proper educational and outreach activities towards communities and will support the development of appropriate legislation and accountable enforcement measures. More

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