Ocean Science


UNESCO’s intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) strives to improve our relationship with the ocean through the development and dissemination of scientific knowledge on our oceans. In particular, IOC promotes international cooperation to generate knowledge about the nature and resources for the ocean and coastal areas and to apply that knowledge to management, sustainable development, marine environment protection and decision-making processes. 

The secretariat of the IOC Sub Commission for Africa and the Adjacent Island States (IOCAFRICA) hosted by UNESCO Regional Officer for Eastern Africa in Nairobi, is facilitating coordination among Member States and ensure efficient implementation of IOC programmes in Africa. The mission of IOCAFRICA is to promote regional and international cooperation for the understanding and management of the African oceans and coastal ecosystems in order to ensure sustainable development and safety of the coastal populations, taking into account the priorities of Member States from Africa. In its efforts to increase our understanding of ocean and coastal processes around Africa, and its impact on environment and resources, IOCAFRICA has implemented a wide range of activities in the fields of ocean observations and early warning systems, ocean data and information management, and ocean sciences and assessments. IOCAFRICA is supporting the development of marine science professionals relevant to Africa’s oceans.

UNESCO’s focus in Ocean Science include:

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