In Bioethics and Ethics of Science and Technology, the work continues to strengthen UNESCO Capacity Building activities in Member States (Ethics Teacher Training in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, in partnership with 3 universities, National Commissions for UNESCO, line ministries/departments/Commissions – NACOSTI in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, and expand this into more countries in the region.

The strand of work supports the establishment of National Bioethics Infrastructures – NBCs in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

It will upscale the translation of UNESCO Bioethics documents and materials into Kiswahili and work with Kiswahili Commission of East African Community, and other stakeholders to widely disseminate and popularize subject in society (schools, colleges and universities, etc.).

Finally, it will continue to promote research and reflection on Bioethics and Ethics (of Climate Change, etc.), pairing up Eastern Africa research networks with Southern African Development Community counterparts to develop strong regional network in field of bioethics and ethics in both regions, and promote south-south cooperation in Bioethics with Latin America.

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