Partnerships & Networks

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Partnerships are vital in bringing synergy, new perspectives and insights, shared workload and costs, greater impact and increased visibility to UNESCO’s action in science.






To implement its programmes, the UNESCO Natural Sciences Sector collaborates with an extensive range of public and private partners, in particular with other United Nations agencies, funds and programmes.  


UNESCO worldwide communities in science are interlinked through a series of networks, institutes, centres and Chairs with Headquarters in Paris (France) which is at the hub of a network of 57 Field Offices. 

Examples of thematic networks facilitating collaborative action to tackle specific issues:


One UN

UNESCO works with various UN agencies and participates in the One UN Pilot Initiative which aims to bring UN agencies together to improve programme delivery. The Natural Sciences Sector is fully committed to contributing to the One UN process and is actively participating in One UN country initiatives in particular within the context of the UNDP/Spain Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund.

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