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Extension: Call for nominations for the UNESCO Kalinga Prize for the Popularization of Science has been extended until 12 July 2013

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Jointly funded by the Kalinga Foundation Trust, the Orissa Government of India and the Indian Government, the UNESCO Kalinga Prize for the Popularization is an international distinction to reward the efforts of a person who has had a distinguished career as writer, editor, lecturer, radio/television programme director or film producer, which has enabled him/her to help to interpret science, research and technology to the public.

In today’s fast paced, ever changing world societies are faced with increasing challenges – from eradicating poverty to dealing with the impact of climate change. Science can be a vital tool in coming up with equitable and sustainable solutions for these challenges. By bridging the gap between scientists and the public the benefits of scientific knowledge can be used to improve daily lives, to widen understanding and to build on solutions to overcome local, regional and global challenges. Popularizing science includes all activities that communicate scientific knowledge and scientific methods to the public, outside the formal setting of classrooms. It encompasses museums, shows and fairs and work to promote public understanding of the history of science. To date, sixty-five individuals, from twenty-four countries have received this award. Six of whom have also been Nobel-Prize winners.

Nominations shall be submitted to Director General by the governments of Member States, in consultation with their National Commissions, and by non-governmental organizations maintaining official partnerships with UNESCO. Each Member State and non-governmental organization may designate one candidate. Nominations for the prize should reach UNESCO by 12 July 2013. (More)

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