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Call for registration: 4-week online learning course on management of MAB BRs and other designated areas (deadline: 19 March 2013)

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This course of a duration of 40 hours and scheduled from 25/03/2013 to 21/04/2013 is the first in a series of e-learning courses based on the UNESCO publication: “Education for Sustainable Development in Biospheres Reserves and other Designated Areas: A Resource Book for Educators in South-Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean”.


The UNESCO resource book on which this course is based aims to build learners’ capacities on how to use the MAB BRs and other designated areas in SE Europe and the Mediterranean region as learning and demonstration sites to apply holistic ESD programmes.

The e-course will provide a basic training to adult learners on applying the UNESCO resource book in practice, based on given scenarios and real life situations. It is built on one of the resource book’s 8 chapters, which is entitled “Management of MAB Biosphere Reserves (BRs) and other designated areas”.

Specific objectives of the course are:

  • To form a “learning community” of international ESD practitioners and managers that exchange experiences & views;
  • To reflect on concepts such as “designating” an area, sustainable development, education for sustainable development, etc.;
  • To develop a better understanding of management aspects of designated areas, such as the carrying capacity, the zoning approach, the precautionary principle, etc.;
  • To practice in reading, comparing, and evaluating management plans of designated areas;
  • To reflect on fundraising options for the management of Protected Areas;
  • To explore the cultural dimensions of designated areas (archaeological, spiritual, etc.);
  • To form a loose non-binding network of ESD practitioners.

Target group

The course is targeted at people working mainly with ESD in MAB BRs and other designated areas, Environment and Education Centres, Nature Parks, Eco-museums, NGOs, etc. The course also welcomes undergraduate and graduate students, education practitioners (both formal and non-formal), youth leaders, as well as administration staff and decision makers who wish to gain a basic understanding on managing a Biosphere Reserve or other Protected or Designated Area, especially in a country of the Mediterranean or South Eastern Europe.

Course content & methodology

The course includes 4 lessons, each lasting 1 week:

L1: Introduction: From environmental to sustainable management

L2: Implementation of a Management Plan

L3: Raising funds for MAB BRs and other designated areas

L4: Far-reaching dimensions of designated areas

Adaptive collaborative learning

The course is based on the principle of adaptive collaborative learning, which means participants will need to actively contribute to it. Participation can be in the form of contributions to the forum discussions, posing questions to fellow participants and facilitators, making suggestions for informative websites or co-operation with others for the assignments. Whatever form the participation takes, it is important to keep in mind that in this course the participants are co-responsible for the content and level of interaction.


Only email registrations are valid. Send the Registration Form to: info(at)medies.net
Deadline for registration: 19/03/2013. Selected participants will be notified by 22/03/2013.


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