10.10.2010 -

Establishment of Multi-parametric Earthquake Monitoring Stations in Nepal

© Yazid TiziTerraces stabilize soils on slopes reducing erosion (Nepal)

UNESCO is working to establish a network of multi-parametric earthquake monitoring stations in and around Kathmandu Valley wherein systematic studies will be carried out on the variation in the concentration of gases like Rn, He, CO2, N2, CH4 in soil gas; groundwater piezometric monitoring; and electro magnetic/geomagnetic studies for earthquake prediction.

The project aims to establish continuous monitoring stations using geochemical anomalies, groundwater peizometer monitoring and geomagnetic waves as earthquake precursors in Kathmandu Valley; test various ratio models of soil gases like radon/helium, radon/CO2 etc. for earthquake prediction studies; statistical analysis of data and its correlation with seismicity; and computation of anomaly data to determine earthquake parameters.

The preparatory phases of the project are being jointly steered by UNESCO Offices in Kathmandu and New Delhi with strong collaboration of the competent authorities of both Nepal and India. The project serves as a strong platform for south-south collaboration.

Contact : Mr Bhanu Neupane

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