08.06.2011 - Natural Sciences Sector

Experts meet to discuss key issues for the future Intergovernmental science-policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Following the Busan Outcome (June 2010), UNESCO is currently cooperating with UNEP, FAO, UNDP and other relevant organizations to organize a plenary meeting to fully operationalise the Intergovernmental science-policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). This platform will be an interface between the scientific community and policy makers that aims to build capacity for and strengthen the use of science in policy making.

In his context, the International Council for Science (ICSU) has invited experts representing key scientific organizations to participate in an informal meeting to prepare the contribution of the scientific community to the first session of the IPBES plenary meeting. The meeting will take place at UNESCO headquarters on Friday 10 June 2011.

The objectives of the meeting are:

  • To share information in preparation for the first scheduled plenary of IPBES in October,
  • To discuss key issues, with a view to prepare a set of common positions of the scientific community to be presented at IPBES, and
  • To explore, in further detail, the programme of work of IPBES as it relates to ‘options for knowledge generation’.

The overall objective of this workshop is to strengthen scientific input into IPBES. The meeting will produce a set of recommendations which will be submitted as an information document for the IPBES October plenary.

UNESCO is providing technical support and hosting this meeting as part of its active role in the Plenary Planning Group of IPBES and, more specifically, its facilitation of IPBES’ function related to catalyzing knowledge generation in support of the Platform.

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