09.12.2010 -

IHP Ecohydrology Program Launches Demo Projects

UNESCO’s Ecohydrology Programme (EHP) launches over 30 demonstration projects, which have been evaluated by the EHP demo projects committee. These projects are focused on an integrated understanding of biological and hydrological processes at a catchment scale in order to create a scientific basis for a socially acceptable, cost-effective and systemic approach to the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

These projects will help achieve IHP-VII areas:

  • Advance the integration of social, ecological and hydrological research
  • Generate outcomes that enable the development of effective policies and practices.

The classification criteria developed by the evaluation committee and distribution of projects is given below:

Global Reference Projects

Show best practice in EH principles (dual regulation, integration) and serve as a model for other projects. (Portugal, Poland (2)) 3 total

Operational Projects

Are implementing EH principles and involved with stakeholders in project management. (Germany, China, Kenya, Italy, Malaysia) 5 total

Evolving Projects

Well-developed plans conforming to the EH principles that are beginning to be implemented. (Philippines, Australia (3), Micronesia, China (4), Sweden, Indonesia, Greece, Costa Rica, El Salvador) 14 total

Emerging Projects

Further work is required to develop plans and activities in an integrated way to support EH principles. (Bangladesh, Bahamas, China, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, Philippines, Spain, Croatia) 9 total

Further Information: Professor Shahbaz Khan, Global Coordinator Ecohydrology Program; Chief, Water and Sustainable Development Section.

Theme 3 of IHP-VII: Ecohydrology for sustainability

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